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Welcome to our exceptional neighborhood bike shop, proudly owned by a local family.

Our core values revolve around community, friendliness, and providing personalized attention to every customer. As you step into our welcoming store, you'll be greeted by a warm atmosphere and a team that is eager to assist you in finding the perfect bike.

Our extensive inventory encompasses a diverse range of bikes, including Townies, hybrids, E-Bikes, mountain bikes, and kids bikes. We partner with renowned brands such as Electra, Marin, Fuji, Biria, and Surly to ensure the highest quality and performance. In addition to bikes, we offer a comprehensive selection of accessories, including bike bags, computers, packs, locks, helmets, as well as replacement tires and tubes.

We take great pride in being recognized as one of the "Best Bike Shops" in the nation, a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our experienced team is proficient in mechanical repairs and tune-ups, ensuring that your bike is always in top condition for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

As an extra treat, we invite you to explore our captivating bike museum, home to over 100 vintage bikes. It's a truly cool experience that we offer to the public free of charge. Take your time to admire the rich history and craftsmanship on display. And remember, you're always welcome to test ride any of our bikes. We want you to find the perfect match that meets your needs and brings you joy.

Visiting our shop is more than just a transaction—it's a fun and engaging experience. We genuinely look forward to seeing you and creating lasting connections within our wonderful community. So please, come on in, take a leisurely stroll through our museum, and let us assist you in finding the bike of your dreams.