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Bike Maintenance & Service

Our core values revolve around community, friendliness, and providing personalized attention to every customer. As you step into our welcoming store, you'll be greeted by a warm atmosphere and a team that is eager to assist you in maintaining your bike.

Below you'll find a list of our services and current shop rate

Tune-up starting at $85 • Major $190 • Rebuild $300
All tune-ups subject to $3 shop supply fee

Checkover $45 (Shifting and Braking Only) BMX $30
Assemble Bike $75 • Assemble Ebike $150
Box-A-Bike $80 (Includes Box and Packing Materials)
Brake Adjustment $14
Replace Chain $13 (Plus Chain)
Wrap Handlebars $19 (Plus Bar Tape)
Tire or Tube replacement $12 (Tires Plus $1 Disposal Fee)
Tubeless Mount $18 (Plus Tape, Fluid, Valves)
Install Brake Pads $10
Replace Cable $5 (Plus Adjustment)
Install Components $10 (Plus Adjustment)
Install Freewheel or Cassette $15
Install Headset $35 (Plus Headset and/or Parts)
Install Bottom Bracket $23 - $35 (Plus Parts)
Brake Bleed $32 (Plus Fluid)
Brake Flush and Bleed $42 (Includes Fluid)
True Wheel $22 (Plus Parts)
Straighten Derailleur Hangers $12
Derailleur Adjustment $15
Hourly Shop Rate $85

For more information please call (812) 926-1200 or schedule an appointment HERE.